Disability Gateway is a new resource aimed at connecting people to information and local services.  Developed in consultation with people living with a disability, carers and the broader disability sector, the website is now live in a 'pilot' phase and people are being encouraged to visit the website and share feedback before the official launch. 


Binge watching tv shows has become more common in recent times with streaming services at the click of a button.  It can be easy to slip into a routine where watching tv or staring at a screen takes up more time during the day than we'd like it too.  Keep an eye on your screen time and make changes if needed. 


Grassroots to boardrooms, people are working round the clock on innovative ways to connect and support people during life challenges. Sadly the latest ABS data has shown a rise in suicides with 9 Australians (7 men/2 women) taking their lives everyday.  Trust your gut if someone you know is struggling, ask RUOK?


In the UK around 60% of carers over the age of 85 are male according to a recently published PHD Study Report which has shed some light onto the experience of older men in caring roles.  The report suggests that early connections to services to develop relationships plus activity based social supports as ways to reduce loneliness and social isolation. 


Taking time out each day to write down a few things in your life that you are grateful for can help you develop and strengthen positive thoughts and feelings.  Different to mental health, mental strength can be looked at in three parts, what we think, what we feel and our actions.  Writing is one example of a healthy way to explore thoughts and feelings. 


Replacing each hour of informal care with a formal sector equivalent in 2020 is valued at $77.9 billion'.  The Value of Informal Care report by Deliotte Access Economics puts a dollar value on the unpaid care provided by almost 2.8 million Australians.  Individual primary informal carers are estimated to care for an average of 32.5 hours each week or a combined 1.7 BILLION hours annually.


'The longer you think about something, the less time and energy you might have to take productive action'  We spend a great deal of time everyday thinking about problems or decisions we need to make, some are small and easy, others more difficult and meaningful. Recognising when you start to overthink or dwell on certain things can help prevent stress and worry.


We are constantly reminded of crisis and help lines that we can call for support yet over 80% of adult men in the Ten To Men survey said they were very unlikely, or unlikely to seek help or support from this source.  Ten To Men is a longitudinal health and lifestyle study with more than 15,000 Australian men and boys participating to date - a new report is now available.


More than 50% of Australians have delayed or cancelled health checks due to COVID19 concerns.  Scans, testing, screening and preventative health care have all seen a drop in numbers and so the Continuity of Care Collaboration, made up of 35 peak bodies, are encouraging people to access health services through their #DontWaitMate campaign. 


Carer Gateway: 1800 422 737

MensLine: 1300 789 978

Open Arms (Veterans): 1800 011 046

GriefLine: 1300 845 745

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