Ask more questions and learn what you can so that, if needed, you

are better prepared for difficult times or stressful situations.


Topics such as men’s sheds, fatherhood roles, help seeking in men and the impact of masculinities on men’s health promotion are included in an online library of research which is now free to access for a limited time.  Anyone working with men or interested in men's health is encouraged to take a look.


In Tasmania more individuals die from accidental overdose of prescribed medicine than from illegal drugs or from road deaths.  If you or someone close to you is on prescription medication, a coalition of community, education and government organisations has one simple message to share 'Talk to the experts, talk to your pharmacist'. 


"It's easy, straightforward and who knows maybe it will be you or someone you know who will need it one day" - James.  Donating your blood only takes about 1 hour to do, can be made into 22 different medical treatments and can then go on to help save 3 different lives.  Anyone fit and healthy, aged between 18 and 75 can donate every 3months. 


Take time to grieve is the first tip for men going through a divorce from mediator Ian Shann .  Adjusting to a new way of life is difficult and takes time so try to maintain routines at work and in other areas of your life to help during this time.  When children are involved, having a parental plan drawn up can help avoid conflict.


"What can I do? How can I help?’  - I just felt like that was my role and that, in a sense, it didn't matter how I felt.” Tristan speaking about his reaction to he and his wife Tahyna experiencing a miscarriage.  The latest issue of Fatherhood Bulletin explores 'Men and Pregnancy Loss' through personal stories, support and coping strategies.  


Did you know that people can experience a panic attack whilst asleep?  Understanding and recognising the signs and symptoms of a panic attack in yourself or someone in your life can be difficult but there are some ways you can.  There are also myths around what a panic attack actually looks and feels like.  Be informed and know what to look out for. 


Canberra Uni researchers are asking people across Australia to share their experience of providing care to someone else.  Short or long term, past or present, if you have cared for someone through illness or disability you can take part in the survey.  Men Care Too would like to encourage men to get involved and provide a male perspective to the study.


This Friday between 10am and 4pm health and social care professionals working with men over 65 are invited to an online conference to address the topic of 'Preventing Suicide in Older Men'.  Looking at age specific suicide rates, men aged over 85 have the highest rate indicating that there is important work to be done to better support our old mates.


'Caring is often physically & emotionally demanding with consequences for carers own health and wellbeing." A new report Commissioned by Public Health England adds more evidence that unpaid caring be identified as a Social Determinant of Health.  Recognised as an important tool 'Social Prescribing' can help connect family and friend carers with supports.


Built to help dads 'tackle the screaming, kicking and WTF moments' Movember's Family Man is a free online resource that men can access anytime.  Designed for men with input from child behaviour experts using evidenced based parenting strategies as you work through 3 interactive episodes that help you 'correct misbehaviour whilst reinforcing love and care.' 


Death and dying are topics we often avoid, it is hard talking with someone we care about or ourselves not being around anymore. Following National Advance Care Planning week, make time now to have a conversation with close family or friends so that it might be a little less stressful should the time come to make any important decisions about someone's care.


'Take control of your mental fitness and prepare for life's challenges' A FREE online workshop hosted by UK NFP Carers Hearts as part of their March Male Carer Month.  This workshop will look at 'fast skills' to use during stressful times through to identifying and exploring strategies that build long term resilience.  On this Friday March 26th starting at 6:30am AEDT.


The simple way to describe grit is having the perseverance to overcome obstacles or challenges to achieve a goal.  Whilst perseverance is a vital aspect of grit it is just one of many factors that make up the equation.  Positive self talk, mastering fear, training your weaknesses and using periods of recovery to recharge your batteries are all aspects of grit that can help you overcome challenges in life.


An Australian observational study looking at men's health promotion in waiting rooms has found just 3% of more than 1100 health materials audited were male specific. Researchers looked at printed health promotion messages which included brochures and booklets in general practice, community centres and hospitals with results identifying a gap in male health promotion.  


Testosterone and diabetes, male contraception and sexual health are some of the topics covered in issue 4 of The Male magazine.  Published by Australian men's health organisation Healthy Male, the magazine highlights health and wellness issues because as CEO Simon Von Saldern say's "Avoiding uncomfortable conversations won't make the problem go away".


World Health Day Allied Mates Forum hosted by MCT and funded by the North West Suicide Prevention Trial Site, aims to highlight key issues affecting men with snapshot presentations showcasing a number of local services and grassroots initiatives aimed at working with men in the North West of Tasmania to better support local men and boys experiencing life challenges.


How to be your own best friend is one of the practical, evidence based workshops being offered to men by Carers Hearts during their Male Carer Month of March.  Taking control of your mental fitness is another workshop on offer along with podcast interviews with men from all different walks of life speaking about their experience of caring.  Follow Carers Hearts on social media for all the latest info.


Adding to their free online weekly wellness sessions for carers, the Sydney Local Health District Carers team are launching CHAT Live.  Men Care Too are excited to be part of the Carer Health and Thoughts (CHAT) first live session this Thursday starting at 11am to talk about the importance of connecting with others as a key aspect of wellness when caring. 


Is modern masculinity in New Zealand's Maori culture still full of ritual and tradition?  This question along with a wide ranging discussion on what it means to be a man in 2021 are part of a new podcast series titled 'He'll be Right'.   Gender expectations, fatherhood and culture are all topics that offer interesting conversations and viewpoints on modern masculinity. 


Many carers find themselves still having to work for a wide range of reasons and it doesn't matter if you're in a boardroom or the factory floor, speaking with your employer about your caring role can be difficult.  UK not for profit Carers Hearts recently shared some great practical advice so that when you approach your employer that conversation is a little easier.


The Tasmanian Government is reviewing the existing Carers Action Plan and thanks to Carers Tasmania you have an opportunity to share your views and experiences on what has worked and what areas need improvement. The 'Have Your Say' events are being held around the state during February, alternatively, contact Carers Tasmania direct to have your say.


How well prepared are you if there was a need to leave your home in a hurry?  Bushfires and flash flooding are always a concern for many Aussies and medical emergencies or unplanned travel may also mean we need to leave our homes quickly and being prepared can help make those stressful times a little easier.


"Focus less on the problem, and more on the solution." is a key recommendation to come out of a report commissioned by Victorian Health titled 'Masculinities and Health'.  The survey which informed the report, included more than 1,600 participants and asked questions on topics such as the harms of traditional masculinity, role models for boys and men's roles in parenting.


With disruption to normal routines, travel and unfamiliar places on the cards for many of us over the holidays it's important to keep a check on medications so that you or the person you care for are getting the right dose at the right time.  Having a list of all medications and setting reminders on your phone will help keep you on track.


Did you know that men are four times more likely to drown than women and over the past 10 years, inland waterways have claimed more lives than any other location in Australia.  As we head to the beaches and rivers during the warmer months, Royal Life Saving Australia have a simple message for men 'Make the Right Call' - wear a life jacket, avoid going alone and avoid alcohol to stay safe.


The recent Ten to Men insights report found that around 80% of men would not phone a support line for help.  Online tools provide an alternative for men who are dealing with anxiety or depression and the Black Dog Institute have a survey open where you can help design a new digital mental health service.  Share your experience so that other blokes doing it tough can have somewhere appropriate to go


Off the back of the Australian Men's Health Forum's guide to developing male friendly services comes a call for the Morrison Government to develop a national plan to tackle male suicide in Australia.  With an average of 7 men choosing to end their own life everyday in Australia it is important to look at gender when developing suicide prevention strategies.  Help SAM, Save Aussie Men.


Disability Gateway is a new resource aimed at connecting people to information and local services.  Developed in consultation with people living with a disability, carers and the broader disability sector, the website is now live in a 'pilot' phase and people are being encouraged to visit the website and share feedback before the official launch. 


Binge watching tv shows has become more common in recent times with streaming services at the click of a button.  It can be easy to slip into a routine where watching tv or staring at a screen takes up more time during the day than we'd like it too.  Keep an eye on your screen time and make changes if needed. 


Grassroots to boardrooms, people are working round the clock on innovative ways to connect and support people during life challenges. Sadly the latest ABS data has shown a rise in suicides with 9 Australians (7 men/2 women) taking their lives everyday.  Trust your gut if someone you know is struggling, ask RUOK?


In the UK around 60% of carers over the age of 85 are male according to a recently published PHD Study Report which has shed some light onto the experience of older men in caring roles.  The report suggests that early connections to services to develop relationships plus activity based social supports as ways to reduce loneliness and social isolation. 


Taking time out each day to write down a few things in your life that you are grateful for can help you develop and strengthen positive thoughts and feelings.  Different to mental health, mental strength can be looked at in three parts, what we think, what we feel and our actions.  Writing is one example of a healthy way to explore thoughts and feelings. 


Replacing each hour of informal care with a formal sector equivalent in 2020 is valued at $77.9 billion'.  The Value of Informal Care report by Deliotte Access Economics puts a dollar value on the unpaid care provided by almost 2.8 million Australians.  Individual primary informal carers are estimated to care for an average of 32.5 hours each week or a combined 1.7 BILLION hours annually.


'The longer you think about something, the less time and energy you might have to take productive action'  We spend a great deal of time everyday thinking about problems or decisions we need to make, some are small and easy, others more difficult and meaningful. Recognising when you start to overthink or dwell on certain things can help prevent stress and worry.


We are constantly reminded of crisis and help lines that we can call for support yet over 80% of adult men in the Ten To Men survey said they were very unlikely, or unlikely to seek help or support from this source.  Ten To Men is a longitudinal health and lifestyle study with more than 15,000 Australian men and boys participating to date - a new report is now available.


More than 50% of Australians have delayed or cancelled health checks due to COVID19 concerns.  Scans, testing, screening and preventative health care have all seen a drop in numbers and so the Continuity of Care Collaboration, made up of 35 peak bodies, are encouraging people to access health services through their #DontWaitMate campaign. 


Carer Gateway: 1800 422 737

MensLine: 1300 789 978

Open Arms (Veterans): 1800 011 046

GriefLine: 1300 845 745

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