One of the most important things in life is to stay active.  It is well known that regular exercise is good for your physical and mental well being and the good news is that there are so many different ways to get some physical activity



Listening to whales breathing at night from a tent on a beach in Mexico sounds like the perfect bucket list item but as someone who has already done it, Peter Allan has it on his Reverse Bucket List.  An exercise in remembering events, experiences and accomplishments, Peter says the process of compiling the list was gratifying.  Pick up a  pen and start making your own list of memorable moments. 



It might be uncomfortable but did you know that taking a cold shower can be a great way to strengthen your immune system and improve circulation?  Shocking a healthy body with cold water often results in an increase in energy and alertness along with many other positive physical and mental benefits.  If you don't have any medical concerns, give your courage and discipline a test next time you jump in the shower.   



Have you thought about adding some weight to a back pack and going for a walk as a simple and low cost activity to build strength and improve your posture?  'Rucking' claims to be less taxing on the body than running and is a great way to get yourself outdoors.  Set yourself a challenge to get out for a walk as often as you can, enjoy some music, listen to a podcast or use it as some quiet time to clear your mind and focus on nothing. 



Breaking your day into chunks of time is a popular way of making time for all the things you want to work on each day.  The NewDay time system offers a way of managing your day by setting up ten 100 minute blocks from morning to night where you can move between work and leisure activities.  The discipline of setting a routine and having structure in your day is helpful during good and bad times.  



Are you looking for something fun to do? From a camper van to a pirate ship or even a NASA rocket, LEGO have something to suit everyone's tastes including a whole range of sets designed with adults in mind.  Life can be stressful so any type of activity that helps to relax, shift your focus or simply gives you a chance to play can be helpful in the way you look at what's happening.  Be it LEGO or something else, take some time out to play! 

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