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Men Care Too aims to increase awareness and recognition of men in unpaid, informal caring roles. 

The 2015 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers in Australia identified and estimated 272K men providing primary care to someone significant in their life and around 927K men with caring responsibilities but not a primary carer.


These numbers represent just a tick under 1.2 Million Australian men in caring roles.


Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Husbands, Neighbours and Mates all helping someone they care about who may have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, alcohol or other drug issue or who are frail aged.

Men Care Too is focused on three areas -


Men Care Too encourages men to identify the significance of providing unpaid care and support to another person, to speak up about the challenging and positive sides of the caring role.  More men talking about the caring role and accessing services will help increase awareness and reduce isolation by growing visible communities of men in caring roles.


With pressure on men at all stages of life to meet expectations from society, family and friends it is important for men to take time out and focus on their own health and wellbeing.  Real or perceived issues can take a toll physically and mentally so along with the obvious prescription to eat well and be physically active, Men Care Too encourages all men to find ways to break out of their regular routine and enjoy new or interesting activities and places.  Whether it is a few hours one day a week or one day a month, this time out can be vital to your wellbeing.



Service Providers, Organisations, Employers and Education Providers are encouraged to recognise and develop strategies to engage with men in caring roles.  This can be achieved through hosting events and activities that include men, providing male friendly literature, offering services specifically aimed at men and meeting with men to discuss their specific challenges.


Men Care Too is designed to be a conversation starter.

Through sharing of relevant information, links and videos along with a weekly email update and blog posts, Men Care Too will increase awareness and recognition of men in unpaid, informal caring roles. 

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