Past studies have shown that social connectedness may be a protective factor against depression

for Men in their Middle Years. Recognising that men often find it difficult to maintain social connections throughout ....


In June 2010, there were 11.1 million males living in Australia—just under half of the total population, the median age was 36 years, 20% of males were aged under 15 years and 12% were aged 65 years and over. The male population is continuing to age ....


Men are often characterized as unwilling to ask for help when they experience problems in living. Popular stereotypes portray men reluctantly asking for directions when they are lost, having difficulty sharing vulnerable feelings ....


We are very pleased to introduce Ten to Men, the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health. Ten to Men is, to our knowledge, the largest national all-male cohort study in the world. It involves 15,988 males who were aged between 10 and 55 years ....


The development of suicidality in men involves well-known risks factors: acute stress, depressed mood, unhelpful conceptions of masculinity (stoic beliefs and values), social isolation and other ineffective coping strategies ..... 


On average, men die five years younger than women, live with worse health and carry the greater burden of chronic disease. Around the world, we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. This is a health crisis that demands urgent action .... 

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