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Men Care Too is managed by Greg Smith and based in North West Tasmania, Australia.

Greg's experience with the caring role came in his early 20's when his mum, Lyn was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary.  Leaving fulltime employment in Sydney for casual work locally, Greg was able to accompany his mum during treatments and appointments over the following months. 

During this time, Greg's father developed mental health issues and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder which resulted in his dad retiring from work early. 

It was not until his mother and father separated in 2008 that Greg started to identify the caring role he was, and had been, providing over the previous 10 years.  Following his parents divorce, Greg continued to work and study for a period of time before he recognised that, due to a degenerative spinal condition,  his mum needed more support.  Since that time Greg has been in a full time, informal, unpaid carer role.


Greg's primary caring responsibilities include assisting with mobility, monitoring medications, managing  transport, scheduling medical and other appointments, meal planning and preparation, laundry, cleaning, shopping and other general household maintenance tasks.  Just as important as the practical assistance carers provide, is the emotional support and encouragement carers bring to their role.  Greg believes that for many men, including himself, this is the most challenging aspect when caring for someone.    

Greg is a dedicated advocate for men in caring roles and where possible promotes general awareness of the caring role to the wider community.  As former Vice President of Candles Cancer Support Group INC. over a 10 year period and facilitator of various carer peer support groups Greg has encouraged and helped to support men and women in different caring roles. 


In mid 2017 Greg spent two months working at Carers NSW researching and identifying opportunities to engage with and identify hidden male carers.  The hidden male carer project will continue into mid 2018 and Greg is still involved as a member of the working party.

Greg has had an opportunity to share his story and highlight the challenges faced by men in caring roles at Men's Sheds around the Central Coast, Hunter Region and Greater Sydney plus at a variety of men's groups and special events including,

  • 2015 Carers NSW Biannual Conference 

  • 2016 International Cancer Survivors Day, Central Coast

  • 2017 International Carers Conference

  • 2017 National Male Suicide Conference

  • 2017 Central Coast Carers Conference

  • 2018 NSW Health Carers Conference

  • 2019 WellMan Tour of North Queensland

  • 2019 Over The Line Race Day at Wyong Racecourse

  • 2019 This Is My Brave Australia, Central Coast Show


Outside of the caring role and advocacy work, Greg enjoys photography, hiking, reading biographies and true stories and is a loyal Canterbury Bulldogs supporter.                                                          

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