Move more, get outside in the fresh air for your daily dose of

physical activity in whatever way works best for you.


Skipping and other short, sharp circuit style activities can help improve flexibility and balance which are of great importance as we age.  Agility training may help protect and prevent injuries when exercising or when going about your daily chores.  Being agile as we age has many benefits but only if you take action and do the work. 


Getting fit and healthy does not have to involve lifting heavy weights, beach sprints or a 10km bike ride.  Those things are good, if you can do them, but the key is moving more and making an effort to challenge your body's ability to manage different activities and situations.  Move more and your body will thank you.


Mood changes, unusual lumps and trouble urinating are some of the symptoms that men often ignore which could be signs of a health issue.  It is well known that addressing health concerns early can help reduce the risk of developing serious health troubles.  The embarrassment or fear of visiting the GP is short lived if it saves your life.  The message is "Don't Wait Mate'


We would normally share an article in this spot aimed at encouraging you to eat healthy or suggesting ways to stay active and whilst we could say something about the importance of keeping an eye on your waist measurements this article from AOM has some insights and tips you may not have known about your trusty tape measure.  


Keeping records of your trials and errors or a friendly competition with your mates are a couple ways to make the spring gardening season a little more fun.  Growing your own produce offers both physical and financial benefits plus you know exactly what is on your dinner plate.  Grab a shovel and get diggin!


Starting and sticking to a meditation routine can help you better manage issues such as poor sleep or anxiety and may even help to lower blood pressure.  It may feel a little awkward at first but you can try a phone app or YouTube videos to guide you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


If your balance and posture could do with a bit of maintenance, ditch the shoes and go barefoot on your next walk.  With out shoes on a number of our foot muscles, which are usually cushioned by foot wear, are used and there is a chance to physically connect to the earth which can be spiritually rewarding.


If you're looking for a proven way to develop a strong, flexible and balanced body then strike a pose because yoga offers all this and more.  Everyone is a beginner at some point and Men's Health have put together a list of the top 8 beginner yoga poses for you to master in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


'When attempting problems that require creativity, we often reach a dead end without realising it'.  When you find yourself stuck looking for a solution or best way to overcome a problem, it is suggested that switching between different tasks or problems can help freshen your thinking and approach.


If you were one of the 19 million Aussies who tuned into the Tokyo Olympics you may have seen a sport climbing event called 'Bouldering'. The sport is described as 'just you against the wall' as you find a way up the wall using man made feet and hand holds.  Challenge yourself with a fun way to build power and agility. 


The average Aussie consumes around 14 tablespoons of sugar each day, more than double the World Health Organisation's recommended limit of 6.  Soft drinks and processed foods are good places to start if you are wanting to reduce your sugar intake.  Check out the '5 Tips' via the link below for more ways  to cut down on sugar.


If you're looking for a whole body workout that uses all the main muscle groups then get yourself a rope and start skipping.  Jumping rope is a cheap and do almost anywhere form of exercise that has many physical and mental benefits.  This Art of Manliness article has some good tips for getting started.


Inside the kitchen at the Harrison Fire Department in New York, firefighter AJ Fusco has become the designated head chef with his tasty and nutritious meals.  With heart health an issue for many of his colleagues and men in general, he has developed a blog with recipes from firehouses all over the world.


To get fit, stay healthy, to socialise or just for fun, running is a sport that is free and can be done almost anywhere.  We may be in the cold of winter right now but with many running events and fundraisers just a few months away, today might be a good time to get started on some training so you are prepared for the summer fun runs.


Preparing meals for yourself, family or even a stranger can provide satisfaction, even more so when the dishes you serve are your own creations.  Invest some time to develop your own signature dishes by playing around with the ingredients or experiment with different methods and have fun sampling along the way!


Archery, photography and croquet are just a few of more than 50 different options available in the Tasmanian Government's 'Get Active in the North West' booklet.  Something for everyone and every ability the booklet may connect you to a new hobby, help you meet some new friends and enjoy a more active lifestyle.  


Young or old, muscle and strength can have an influence in our overall wellbeing and ability to live the lives we want.  Compound movements such as squats, lunges and overhead presses are a key component for building and maintaining a strong base that can help you better manage the physical aspect of caring for someone.


What do Rocky, Jaws and Star Wars all have in common?  Each has a pretty memorable soundtrack or theme song and a new Art of Manliness article suggests that we create a soundtrack for our own lives.  Playlists are fairly common place but AoM suggest selecting music for different tasks, moods and seasons.  What's your theme song?


When was the last time you did something purely for fun?  Perhaps flew a kite or played with some Lego?  Playing is considered an important part of a child's development but there are also many benefits for adults such as reducing stress, boosting creativity and brain function along with improving relationships with others.  Go now and play!   


Strength and power are two physical components that help us do all the 'things' we need to do every day such as house and yard work, shopping and helping others.  Maintaining strength can prove difficult as we age but a kettlebell workout, which can be done almost anywhere, could be the key to staying strong.   


Set yourself a challenge to complete a task and only when you do this can you check what is happening in your online world.  With so much of our lives tied into online activities and screens everywhere we look, a digital detox is something most of us could benefit from.  Switch off the phone and take some time out this week.


Being out in nature away from all the distractions of daily life is a great way to relax and the good news is that you don't need to go deep into the wilderness to gain some benefits. Research suggests that just 5 minutes a day spent walking in a green space can contribute to reducing stress and increase motivation to be more active.  


Cleaning up misconceptions about hand washing is a feature in the May edition of Australia's own men's health e-newsletter 'Spanner in the Works'.  Using hot water, drying your hands and when to wash are discussed so that you can be better prepared to prevent the spread of germs and become less likely to get sick.


“The way I was going, I probably wouldn’t have made 70." say's long time Sydney radio host Ray Hadley.  Embarrassed after stepping on the scales during a GP visit, a lifestyle overhaul has seen Hadley drop 18kgs to become a healthier man.  Walking played a big role, nothing complicated he stresses "I'm just moving".


Our habits and lifestyle are guaranteed to change and when the aches and pains show up we can tend to 'wait and see'.  Often our bodies adjust but it is important to visit a GP and have a chat about any issues before they get bigger.  Check out the Men's Shed and Healthy Male 'Spanner In The Works' men's health promotion program.


"I feel fine and have no signs, but it's there and I must do something about it".  Two time Bathurst 1000 winner and Devonport car racing royalty John Bowe is urging men to get regular health check's following his prostate cancer diagnosis.  Age and family history are two risk factors to be aware of and you should speak with your doctor about. 


Knock, Knock! Who's there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in, its cold out here!
The days may be getting shorter and cooler but you can still find plenty of things to do in the garden that will help keep you active, get your daily dose of fresh air and can help reduce stress levels.


Building structure into your day to deliberately switch between work and personal activities can be a good way to avoid burnout. Whilst it can be difficult to plan and life is often unpredictable, especially when caring for someone else, take some time to think about where you can make some small changes to your day so that there is time dedicated to you and your goals. 


Sufi, Metta and Kundalini are all different types of meditation that offer benefits such as improving attention, reducing negative thoughts, better sleep and managing anxiety.  Learning to meditate can itself be a stressful time, so begin by understanding some of the fundamentals and make a commitment to practice consistently over a period of time


"Focus more on establishing healthy habits than on results' is a great piece of advice featured in the Men's Journal Top 10 fitness goals to achieve this year.  As the days get shorter and the cooler weather creeps in, keeping a consistent routine may be a little more challenging but in the long run will help you keep in shape physicaly and mentally.


The 3 most important things to do before you exercise are check your shoe laces are done up, untangle your headphone wires and warm up properly.  Whilst stretching is good for your body, it's better done at the end of a workout.  Before you start exercising is the best time for doing some dynamic movements to get your muscles warmed up and prevent injury.


Most of us have used a roller to paint a fence or wall at some point, but there's another type of roller that is good for our body and there's no messy clean up when you're finished using it.  Foam Rollers can be a great tool for preventing or treating injuries, circulation, improving joint range of motion or simply as a gentle muscle stretch and massage.  Take it easy to begin with and enjoy a new way to stay active.


Sweet potato quiche, Burritos and triple berry bread are some of your breakfast menu options when it comes to meal prep.  Planning ahead can be a great way to maintain a healthy diet or eating plan when life get's chaotic.  Spending time on meal prep for either breakfast, lunch or dinner is a great investment in your own health and is easy to do with such a wide range of easy to prepare options.


Keeping families together for longer is a key message from Heart Research Australia.  Family history, gender and age are risk factors for heart disease that you can't control but living an active lifestyle, healthy eating, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake are all things you can do something about.  Schedule GP visit and talk to your family and mates about heart health.


Shadow boxing, body weight exercises or battle ropes done at high intensity over short periods of time can be a great way to boost your body's metabolism whilst getting your daily workout done quickly.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular way to exercise and the bonus for beginners is that you have full control over the intensity.  Check with your GP first and give HIIT a try.


If you ride your bike twice in one day is that recycling?  It may not be, but it could be a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and explore your home town.  After the initial cost of purchasing a bike and some gear, cycling is a low to no cost activity that keeps you healthy both physically and mentally.  Get yourself a set of wheels, find a local track and enjoy a wheelie good time.  


What are two things we all have and use everyday which can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is resting on them?  Shoulders are part of the body relied upon on for many movements when providing care to someone.  Lifting, stretching and other repetitive movements can eventually cause injury or pain so consider doing some preventative exercises.


"Ten years from now feels like forever. And yet, when we look back from the other side of a decade gone by, the time seems to have flown."  January is often the time when plans for change made at New Years begin to stumble or disappear.  Art of Manliness suggest a simple focus on 1 habit for long term change.   


A little pressure can be a good motivator to get a job or task done well and on time.  This time of year though, with holidays, family get togethers and chaotic shopping trips, it is easy to make things harder on yourself than necessary.  Balance and perspective are important in recognising not everything needs to be perfect to be enjoyed.  


With so many snacks and treats on offer at this time of year it's important to add balance with healthy snacks that won't add to the waistline like more traditional ones do.  Using a handful of ingredients, in 10 minutes you can have some Na Na Santa's to snack on, perfect for a hot summer's day.  Check out the recipes on the Australian Banana's website and 'Make Your Body Sing' this festive season!


What's brown and sticky? A stick!  Dad jokes may have a bad reputation but more often than not will result in a smile or laugh.  Maybe you have told a few yourself or heard them from others, knowing a few daggy jokes and sharing them at the right place and time, can be a good way to break the ice or help lift someone's mood.


Creating a space away from stressful situations can help you gain a new perspective and better prepare you to handle the challenge in a healthy way.  Try going for a walk and add some meditation techniques such as awareness or focus on any physical sensations and how you breathe.  There's no right or wrong way, find a space or way that works for you. 


Whatever age you are, a strong back and shoulders plays an important role in being able to do almost every movement we make throughout each day.  One simple exercise to help strengthen your upper body, which will also help improve your posture, is the Farmers Walk.  One step at a time you will also feel positive benefits to other parts of your body.


Core body muscles are the link connecting your lower and upper body that we use almost every time we move. Tying our shoelaces to sweeping the floor or even standing still, our core is what helps make that happen.  How strong is that link for you?  Looking after your core doesn't have to be hard or take up too much time, some simple bodyweight exercises are all you need to keep that link strong.  


A reminder as we turn our clocks forward to daylight savings time that we should test our smoke alarm batteries and go over some basic fire safety plans.  Last summer was one that many Australians will never forget and really highlighted the importance, no matter where you live, of being prepared.  The Tasmanian Fire Service has a range of fire safety publications to help.


In last weeks email we looked at some spring cleaning ideas for around the home, this week it's time to get outdoors and get your hands dirty with some backyard DIY projects from Gardening Australia.  A new garden seat, composter, chook feeder or a 'bee hotel', there is something to suit all interests and skill sets.  Get active and enjoy some sunshine as you get creative in the yard.