What's brown and sticky? A stick!  Dad jokes may have a bad reputation but more often than not will result in a smile or laugh.  Maybe you have told a few yourself or heard them from others, knowing a few daggy jokes and sharing them at the right place and time, can be a good way to break the ice or help lift someone's mood.


Creating a space away from stressful situations can help you gain a new perspective and better prepare you to handle the challenge in a healthy way.  Try going for a walk and add some meditation techniques such as awareness or focus on any physical sensations and how you breathe.  There's no right or wrong way, find a space or way that works for you. 


Whatever age you are, a strong back and shoulders plays an important role in being able to do almost every movement we make throughout each day.  One simple exercise to help strengthen your upper body, which will also help improve your posture, is the Farmers Walk.  One step at a time you will also feel positive benefits to other parts of your body.


Core body muscles are the link connecting your lower and upper body that we use almost every time we move. Tying our shoelaces to sweeping the floor or even standing still, our core is what helps make that happen.  How strong is that link for you?  Looking after your core doesn't have to be hard or take up too much time, some simple bodyweight exercises are all you need to keep that link strong.  


A reminder as we turn our clocks forward to daylight savings time that we should test our smoke alarm batteries and go over some basic fire safety plans.  Last summer was one that many Australians will never forget and really highlighted the importance, no matter where you live, of being prepared.  The Tasmanian Fire Service has a range of fire safety publications to help.


In last weeks email we looked at some spring cleaning ideas for around the home, this week it's time to get outdoors and get your hands dirty with some backyard DIY projects from Gardening Australia.  A new garden seat, composter, chook feeder or a 'bee hotel', there is something to suit all interests and skill sets.  Get active and enjoy some sunshine as you get creative in the yard.   


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