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Listening in on someone else's conversation could help you.

Over the past few years podcasts have become a source of learning, entertainment and enlightenment for millions of people around the world.  Short interviews have turned into hours long conversations.  Interesting stories and people that would likely never have been heard are now available to be discovered whenever, wherever you want them. 


Life as a carer can be hectic and time consuming, we lose touch with family and mates, we can become socially isolated and feel out of sync with the world but with podcasts we can feel somewhat connected by listening in on a conversation that we'd perhaps like to be part of ourselves.  A good podcast can fill in time whilst waiting for a loved one at a medical appointment, provide entertainment whilst doing household chores, challenge our thoughts and beliefs on a subject or simply help us relax at the end of a busy day.


There are thousands of podcasts available online to stream or download, usually free, that cover virtually any topic you are interested in.   


In no particular order,  Men Care Too has selected the following podcasts which each offer something different that may be of interest, help improve your situation or simply used as a way to be entertained.  Show descriptions are from either the podcast website or iTunes, to listen simply click on the logo for the website where you can download episodes or follow the link to iTunes found under the show description.  

Warning - Some shows contain colourful language and adult themed conversations.

Disclaimer - Men Care Too does not endorse the content or opinions offered in any of the shows. 

If you have any suggestions for podcasts not listed here please get in touch via the feedback form here.

'Bounce Back' features well known Aussie sporting, business and political names telling their stories in their own words. 

TradeMutt's 120.Grit Podcast 'Rough enough to take the surface off without tearing it apart' it's a podcast for the working class. 

John Harper’s a wheat and sheep farmer from Stockinbingal, NSW. He describes himself as an ‘ordinary joker’, but after being bitten by the black dog he’s lived an extraordinary life.


Learn a bit more about our colourful host John and why he works tirelessly to help improve mental health in the bush.

‘Wild Tales’ podcast is all about meeting people who have incredible stories to tell about mental and physical resilience. It’s about adventure, determination and mindset, and the triumph of the human spirit over the elements or their own demons.

The Naked Professors represent the new breed of masculinity by stripping things back to have deep & vulnerable discussions about what's most important in life and how we actually feel.

Tough conversations are the conversations we don’t like having. They’re hard, uncomfortable and sometimes scary but more often than not they lead to change.  Listen as Henry Rollins road trips through Australia having tough conversations with real Australians, challenging the out-of-date perceptions that we traditionally used to define tough.

Comedian, actor and UFC host discussing a wide variety of topics with guests that come from all walks of life.  Long form conversation style podcast that offers insights and perspective often in a funny and intelligent way. 

Exploring the parallels between physical and mental health from a realistic, practical perspective.

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