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Engaging Men Course

According to statistics from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency men make up less than 20% of the healthcare and social assistance workforce in Australia and around one third of students in Aged Care, Allied Health and Community Services courses are male. These numbers indicate that men experiencing health or social challenges are less likely to encounter men working in community service roles. Programs or services offered are often not designed with men in mind and the service itself may not be accessible to men outside of typical work hours.

These are just a few points covered in the Men Care Too conference paper which highlights barriers to effectively engaging with men in caring roles. If you are working or volunteering in allied health, education or community and social services, have you considered evaluating how your service or practices work to assist men and what solutions could help increase the number of men accessing support in your area?

Men's Health Services are running a short course in Parramatta on May 3 and 4 that will explore social determinants of health for men along with current theories, concepts and constructs of male health seeking behaviour. The course is presented by Greg Millan who brings over 30 years clinical and community experience in the area of men's health promotion. More detail about the upcoming course is available here and enquiries or early bird discount bookings can be made by contacting Greg directly at Men's Health Services.

"Future activities to build the capacity of health care providers to better engage with

men are identified and the role of policy and program development is addressed."

Men Care Too encourage all students, healthcare professionals and community service workers

to participate in training and workshops to improve engagement of men in caring roles.

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