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DRY JULY is here!

Whilst the aim is to encourage a short break from drinking any alcohol, did you know that any money raised by your efforts during Dry July will stay in your community to help local cancer patients along with their families, carers and friends?

One great example of where funds go is CoastCanCare, a wellness program run by the Central Coast Local Health District which offers cancer patients and their families, carers and friends the opportunity to participate in complimentary therapies such as music, art and exercise.

Wyongah resident and Dry July supporter Bede has been both a carer and patient in recent years. The retired Police Officer has taken part in many aspects of the wellness program including Tai Chi and Relaxation. “All of which has helped me immensely with getting through my journey” said Bede.

Along with being a member of a peer support group, Bede who is in his 70’s, also volunteers with Landcare and a local Progress Club along with staying physically active through kayaking and fishing.

When asked what advice he would give to people thinking about participating in Dry July, Bede replied “Get involved”.

It’s that easy, get involved.

Wherever you are around Australia you can get involved in Dry July by registering here and in the process nominate where the money you raise goes – every bit helps make a difference to people like Bede.

Bede added “I support Dry July now more than ever because since my cancer, I have come to realise the work and programs that Dry July is supporting.”

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