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MCT at the SCG

Sitting in the change rooms where legendary cricket and rugby league players once sat, walking out on the turf and looking up at the historic members and ladies stands or standing in the media room looking out over the Sydney Cricket Ground from up high were all special moments from the MCT at the SCG tour but the stand out for me was 5 simple words offered as feedback from one of the men, “Thank you for including me”.

Those words resonated with me because often as carers we can get forgotten about or feel left out of the things that are going on around us. To be included and part of something, particularly a social activity, might not change our circumstances but it can help make us feel a little more connected and not so alone.

United by the experience of caring for a family member or friend with an illness or disability, 18 men from all different walks of life enjoyed a short break from their normal routine last Friday with a visit to one of Australia’s most iconic sporting venues for a guided tour and look behind the scenes at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Hearing tales of players, teams and crowds added some extra insights into the history and folklore of the ground which has hosted so many memorable events. As we wandered through the home and away dressing rooms, names like Bradman, Benaud, Gasnier and Langlands come to mind with many more recognisable names on the honour boards, priceless memorabilia on the walls and in the museum, all paying tribute to the significant sporting history of the ground.

Following the tour we had lunch at the Members Lawn Kiosk, well prepared and delicious meals which were enjoyed by all - thank you to the staff from the Kiosk for the friendly and efficient service. Thanks to our guide, Ray who shared so many great stories with our group and extra special thanks to Gail from the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust, for being so helpful in the lead up to our groups visit.

Men Care Too highly recommends the SCG Experience to everyone, sports fan or not, the history of the ground and access to places usually only open to players or staff offers a unique experience and one that will be remembered for many years to come.

The biggest thank you goes to the men who came along to be part of the day. Often when caring for someone we don’t make time for our own interests or take a much needed break to be around others. It can sometimes feel like we’re on our own and that way of thinking can be hard to break. The 18 men who got together last Friday for a few hours set a great example for other carers by showing that it’s ok to take a break from time to time and be reminded that you’re not in it on your own.

MCT at the SCG was made possible thanks to funding from The Elderslee Foundation – Thank you for supporting family and friend carers to take a break.

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