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Stories To Be Told

Under 70 days out from the inaugural This is My Brave Australia Central Coast Show and we are proud to share an update that following an introduction to storytelling workshop and 2 days of auditions held in late July, we have a cast of storytellers who will step on stage to show that no matter our age or gender, mental health challenges can affect us all.

One in four Australians live with a mental health challenge and most of us have family or friends who are affected. This Is My Brave Australia, Central Coast Show aims to break the stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental health challenges through storytelling, poetry, song, dance and creative expression live on stage.

Throughout the auditions, our production team were inspired and moved by the stories shared with us and at the same time impressed by the creativity and passion of each individual.

Joining the cast is ‘Johnno’ who will perform an original song he wrote about living with bipolar, “I want to be part of This Is My Brave Australia, Central Coast Show because I believe that I can make a statement, through song about mental illness … that I can convey my story with music”.

It was also evident listening to the stories during the auditions that strength and hope comes from support, understanding and respect - things that we all deserve no matter what our circumstances are.

Cast member Ali said “It was a significant turning point for me in my recovery when I learnt that I was not alone and that I could find comfort, support and understanding from others who had experienced similar things in their lives.

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing each of our cast members along with members of the production team and the supporters of the inaugural This is My Brave Australia, Central Coast Show. Keep an eye out for regular updates the Men Care Too Facebook page here and the This Is My Brave Australia page here. Details about the performance on October 20, including how to get tickets will be made available closer to the event.

All enquiries: or 0400 604231

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