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Carers Week First Aid

Knowing how to help if someone was to have an accident or experience a medial emergency is a relatively simple thing to learn and having a bit of knowledge in an emergency situation can help keep you and the patient calm until help arrives.

Thanks to training organised by Central Coast Council in recognition of National Carers Week, a group of local family and friend carers had the opportunity to learn basic first aid response, life support, and the management of emergency situations in the home. Skills that increase confidence in your own ability to help someone should you be needed.

Well done to all the carers who took part and special thanks to Bob and the Shedders at Erina Community Men's Shed for organising the training space, morning tea and BBQ lunch for all participants - We were all very well looked after!

Thanks to Sharon at Council for organising and trainer Anthony for running a great session for the carers who attended.

Men Care Too encourages ALL in the community to look for an opportunity in your local area to learn some basic first aid, you could potentially be learning how to save the life of someone close to you.

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